2022-01-18 v1.1.5

  • Change AD to CE and BC to BCE in the comments and overview

  • Include new model GGFSS70

2021-11-19 v1.1.4

  • Fix another transpositon error in field calculation

  • Address Issue #22

2021-11-11 v1.1.3

  • Fix a transpositon error in field calculation

2021-10-26 v1.1.2

  • Adapt grad functions to scalar input

2021-10-20 v1.1.1

  • Correct documentation of equi_sph

  • Add a twopi argument to get_z_at

2021-08-25 v1.1.0

  • Add geodetic->geocentric conversion for coordinates

  • Add geocentric->geodetic conversion for fields

  • Update docs

  • Add some license files that were missing

2021-08-11 v1.0.1

  • Fix the range widget (return closer value if out of bounds; deal with string input)

  • More contours for declination

  • Add field map output

2021-08-11 v1.0.0

  • A GUI is now available via pymagglobal-gui

  • The plotting style of the maps was changed to contourf, as the continuous tripcolor was hard to read in some cases

  • The documentation section in the readme is now adapted to passing models directly

2021-08-06 v0.1.5

  • Change “master curve” to “local curve” everywhere

2021-07-28 v0.1.4

  • CLI for secular variation

  • minor changes in formatting

2021-07-26 v0.1.3

  • Add secular variation (No cli and uncertainties yet!)

  • Add spatial power spectrum (No cli and uncertainties yet!)

2021-07-13 v0.1.2

  • change the ser_type kwarg for master_curve to field_type, to have a more uniform interface

  • add an example notebook for custom models

  • new docs theme

  • minor bug fix

2021-05-12 v0.1.1

  • the python backend can now handle models with uncertainty

  • the field method now handles the field type (dif vs nez.)

  • minor bug-fixes